Why Marketing to Québec is so Unique

Owning a business and sensitizing the public about your business are indivisible and go hand in hand in every business setting. The need for this becomes even higher if your business operates in Québec. As a business owner, you’re often faced with sentences that go along the lines of “That won’t work for Québec” or “You’ll need to approach things in a different style for Québec”. Sentences like these have found a permanent home in the mouths of team members and are brought up every time discussions involving sales strategies and marketing come up.

Québécois French is the language that is prominent in Québec, and this is unquestionably the biggest disparity between Québec and the rest of Canada. A vast majority of Québécois communicate using French and are a lot more comfortable purchasing and doing business in their native language and with their fellow Québécois. 

As a business owner, you have to be aware that Quebec natives have an incredibly high online presence. They represent about 24% of the total audience in the whole of Canada. A survey of 3,000 people conducted by Headspace Marketing Inc. to analyze and come to terms with the consumer’s point of view of the market in Québec in contrast to other parts of Canada suggests that brand loyalty and the difficulty involved in accepting a foreign brand is very strong in Québec compared to other parts of the world. Québec natives find it more difficult to accept foreign brands, hence presenting companies that do not originate in Québec with an unfavorable first impression.

Many companies had to remodel their marketing techniques to adapt to the Québec market. A failed attempt by Cara Operations to bring one of their popular local bar and grill into Québec was recorded in 2008. Another observation brings to the light the acceptance of francophone respondents on attempts towards simplifying life as compared to their anglophone counterparts in the rest of Canada. In the light of this, many companies have acted on this knowledge, keeping their marketing messaging simple and concise.

A strong brand loyalty was also recorded in Québec by Headspace Marketing Inc. A major determining factor of how Québécois receive companies is based on the company’s attempt to effect modifications that specifically tend to the components of the local culture. 

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