What Did François Legault, Québec’s New Premier Promise for the Economy?

Québec’s most recent elections surprised even the most senior political analysts. While the Québécois Party and the Liberal Party failed to retain their once majority seats in the National Assembly, François Legault, the leader of the CAQ party managed to get elected for the first with a majority of seats. The CAQ party being elected for the first time in Québec’s history, it is difficult to understand the impact that this new party will have on companies operating in Québec.

François Legault being one of Air Transat’s co-founder, his election is seen by many people within the business community as a positive event. So what exactly did Québec’s new Premier promise during his campaign when it comes to entrepreneurship and business in Québec? (taken from the CAQ’s website)


Per Capita Disposable Income

The CAQ promised to strive to catch up with Ontario’s wealth in particular with the hopes to allow Québec to put more money in its families’ pockets.


Encourage Innovation and Private Investment

The CAQ promised to introduce business support policy adapted to today’s new reality and promoting investment, innovation, and creation of high-paid jobs.

Investissement Québec will be given a new mandate and the means to efficiently encourage private investment and attract foreign capital.


Strengthen Québec’ Entrepreneurs

The CAQ promised to reduce red tape for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers who do not have the luxury of wasting time on endless paperwork.


Innovation Centres

The CAQ promised to create innovation centres to foster new technology and industries. The CAQ thinks that this key concept of their St. Lawrence Project will encourage entrepreneurs who have just arrived as well as promote cooperation between universities and businesses to create the jobs Québec will need tomorrow.


Trade Deficit Reduction

The CAQ promised to adopt measures to reduce imports and increase exports, especially through an efficient policy promoting electric transportation. The CAQ wishes to allow Québec to import less oil and petroleum products.

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