Translating Isn’t Quite Enough to Conquer Québec!

As a business owner operating in Québec, you are most likely aware of Bill 101. That bill is a law applicable to every business operating in Québec and sets strict rules when it comes to the usage of French in the province.

On top of translating your content to comply with that bill, you might also want to adapt its core message for the market environments. This would ensure that you speak your audience’s language. And we are not just talking about French!

Your translator is the bridge between your communications and the Québec market. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing messaging, you need more than just a translator. A translator can be suitable for legal documents, corporate messaging, and other non-marketing-related documents. For marketing communications, however, your translator should also become a content editor. You want your translator to review your English communications, keep the idea and adapt it to French. Ultimately, your translator should give the impression that your content was written in French rather than translated from English.

A good content editor for Québec will remove some of the original text and add new elements to the French text. By doing so, you will end up with a product that is coherent with your campaign messaging yet appealing to the Québec market.

At Mouton, adapting your content to better fit Québec’s market is one of our specialties! Send us your document and we will be happy to send you a quote!

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