Taboo: Money and Quebecers

The cultural differences between Québec and the rest of Canada aren’t limited to the use of a different language to communicate and by different shopping habits! As with every culture, there are sensitive topics that marketers should avoid at all cost. Here are the three topics you should try to limit or remove from your marketing efforts when trying to adapt them to appeal to a Québec audience.


Historically, money has been a taboo subject in Québec. People don’t like to talk about money, and showing off wealth is seen as somewhat vulgar. Avoiding the topic of money can be difficult to do as a company. Sometimes, to tackle this issue, the solution is easy. For example, if your marketing communications incorporate the phrase ‘’buy it now’’, you could ask your translator to use ‘’get it now’’ in French. Other times, it will be more challenging to work around this touchy subject. For example, if your marketing communications dive into the topic of wealth or if they promote a wealthy lifestyle, you might want to completely reimagine your campaign.


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