Québec, National Identity and Marketing

The cultural differences between Québec and the rest of Canada aren’t limited to the use of a different language to communicate and by different shopping habits! As with every culture, there are sensitive topics that marketers should avoid at all cost. Here are the three topics you should try to limit or remove from your marketing efforts when trying to adapt them to appeal to a Québec audience.

Due to the controversy and trauma caused by two polarizing referendums regarding the proposed separation of Québec from the rest of Canada, the national identity is probably one of the most avoided topics among Quebecers. During that period, both the Québec and Canadian flags became strong symbols of the Yes and No campaigns in the province, respectively. To this day, though some Quebecers identify with the Canadian culture, others identify only with the Québec culture.

Displaying either of these flags could be seen, to some extent, as a political statement. Because the topic of identity still divides public opinion, it is best to avoid it! If you plan to touch on the national identity in your marketing communications, you might want to rethink this one and adopt a strategy better suited to the Québec market!


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