Québec Employees Reserve the Rights to French Corporate Communications

French corporate communications is a must-have for any business that has or intends to hire Québec employees. Every form of official communication with employees must be in French. This consists of;

1. Job and promotion offers. Every publication, news or advertisement made in English, must have a French equivalent at the same time and must be treated with at the same level of importance

2. Collective agreements and schedules

3. Arbitrations, negotiations, and renewals/reviews of collective consent and disservice.

Besides the aforementioned regulations about hiring a Québecois, the Loi 101 outlines some regulations that every business must follow. 

Businesses have no right whatsoever to fire, demote in rank or transfer employees of Québec descent because they do not understand another language other than French.

Except if it is a set requirement for a particular position, an employee cannot be hired because he communicates effectively with another language different from French.

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