English in Québec

The cultural differences between Québec and the rest of Canada aren’t limited to the use of a different language to communicate and by different shopping habits! As with every culture, there are sensitive topics that marketers should avoid at all cost. Here are the three topics you should try to limit or remove from your marketing efforts when trying to adapt them to appeal to a Québec audience.


Quebecers are so proud of their language that words in English used in a French context can often be triggering. They will even translate to French newly invented terms such as Selfie (égoportrait) and Podcast (ballado diffusion) while France and other French-speaking countries tend to use these terms in English. Despite this, it is relatively common to see companies using a terminology list in English considered to be branded terms.

Often these terms are to be translated under no circumstances, as per the HQ’s instructions. Taking into consideration the unique context in Québec, if you want to seduce a Québec audience, it is always better to translate every word from your terminology list to French – even if they are branded terms! After all, even McDonald’s adapted its iconic menu for Québec!


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