Bill 101: A Nightmare or A Good Excuse to Conquer Québec?

An Introduction to Bill 101

For some entrepreneurs, Québec’s Bill 101 can sometimes feel like an irritating inconvenience. Bill 101 is a law applicable to every business operating in Québec. Most noteworthy, it sets strict rules when it comes to the usage of French in the province.  Entrepreneurs can learn more about the usage of French in Québec by downloading our free e-book!

5 Marketing Tips to Conquer Québec

Is Translating Enough?

There are historical reasons why Quebecers have an aversion to English. They tend to prefer the use of their own language. In short, Quebecers feel the urge to protect the last remaining French-speaking culture in North America. Ultimately, they vote with their money! Even if Bill 101 wasn’t implemented, it would be clever to translate and adapt your campaigns for Québec!

Translating your content to French will come at a cost. Similarly, it may also end up being time-consuming if you don’t use the help an agency. Unfortunately, Bill 101 isn’t optional to do business in Québec. On top of that, it is very popular amongst a majority of Quebecers. As a result, brands that don’t play by the rules get sanctioned both by the government and by public opinion.

After all, if you were to advertise your product or service to France or Spain, what would you do? You would probably adapt and translate your content to fit that specific market! If Québec forces you to translate your content, why not make the most of it? Take this opportunity to adapt your campaigns and increase your chances at succeeding!

Bill 101: The Opportunity

For all the reasons mentioned above, it might be time to rethink the way we perceive Bill 101. Instead of seeing it as an irritating inconvenient, why not start seeing it as an opportunity.  Start implementing a change in the way you market your product or service to your Québec audience.

Is Bill 101 a nightmare for entrepreneurs or a good excuse to conquer Québec? You decide!



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