10 Statistics about the Québec Market

From a marketing standpoint, the Québec Market is its own distinct playground within the broader Canadian market. It is currently the 2nd wealthiest province in Canada and some experts speculate that it will rise to the wealthiest within the next 5 years.

For many entrepreneurs, Québec and its laws make it a rather complicated market. That said, Quebecers are among one of the most loyal customer groups in North America. To help your business, Mouton Marketing gathered these 10 statistics to help you conquer the Québec Market!


1. 77.1% of Quebecers specify French as their first language.

Source: Statistiques Canada


2. 58% of Quebecers purchase goods online.

Source: Cefrio


3. 25% of Quebecers make more than 10 online purchases a year.

Source: National Bank of Canada


4. Only 14% of Québec companies sell goods or services online.

Source: Institut du Québec


5. Last year in Québec, there was a 6% increase in retail sales compared to the previous year.

Source: Desjardins

6. 49% of Quebecers seek information on Social Media before purchasing a product or a service, compared with 37% in the rest of Canada.

Source: Protégez-vous


7. 54.7% of Quebecers follow a charity, a company, or a public personality on social media.

Source: TVA Nouvelles


8. By 2031, 4.5 million people will live in Montréal and Greater Montréal.

Source: Protégez-vous


9. Quebecers are among the least-indebted with a consumer debt of $17,758, compared to $21,164 in the rest of Canada.

Source: Protégez-vous


10. Once the cost of living is taken into account, a Québec couple has a purchasing power 5% higher than that of an Ontario couple.

Source: Le Devoir



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