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Welcome to our new website!

Thanks for visiting our new website! 2020 turned out to be a challenging year for small and medium businesses across Canada.  During this period, my team and I worked on developing a new approach to providing clients with marketing, translation and media services. This website is the first step on this journey. We are so…

Written by Guillaume Huppé

10 Automations Small Business Should Consider to Grow More Successful

Process automation can seem like a daunting prospect for small businesses, however, with the increasing availability of automation software and tools, it is now far less expensive than ever before. As a result, small to mid-sized businesses can reap the benefits of automated processes as an alternative to hiring people to perform time-consuming tasks. Automated…

Written by Guillaume Huppé

Page ou groupe Facebook : lequel faut-il choisir?

De nos jours les entrepreneurs pensent à Facebook avant même d’avoir un site internet. À plusieurs reprises, les entrepreneurs me disent : « Mon entreprise doit être sur Facebook. Tout le monde est sur Facebook ! ». Plus de 75% de la population canadienne se connecte au réseau social chaque mois, dont plus de la…

Written by Cynthia Blackburn