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Mouton’s specialized services are flexible and customized for each SME client. We have great weekly, monthly, and one-time service plans.

As an outsource marketing agency, we are committed to our goal to provide clients with an effortless experience, where they can receive the marketing, media, and translation services they need at prices they can afford. Take your business to new heights and get started today.

Check out our most popular services listed below! For any custom service inquiries, please contact us!


Professional Marketing Services specialized for SMEs

Mouton’s team of real marketing professionals provide small and medium-sized businesses with the most reliable and affordable marketing services. This includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management, email, and text marketing as well as web + mobile development.

Social Media



  • Monthly management of social channels
  • Growth strategies
  • Content creation
  • Audience analysis & more
Online Strategies



  • SEO / SMO strategies
  • KPI tracking
  • Web auditing
  • Tech & system sync
  • E-commerce & more



  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Digital ad strategies
  • Web traffic tactics
  • Content strategies & more

Affordable & Professional Translation Services

Mouton Marketing provides fast, reliable, and affordable translation services to small and medium businesses across the world. We hire the best professional translators for Canadian French, English, or Spanish translations. Get an instant quote right now and let our team do the rest!


Innovative Media & Graphic Design Services

Mouton Marketing provides small and medium businesses with professional and affordable multimedia services. Our team of experienced media professionals can help you create a new brand identity, launch your very own podcast, or make the best promo video! Our team also provides cost-effective graphic design, logo design, and quick video editing services.




  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Promotional
  • Packaging
  • Labels & more



  • Podcast launch management
  • Recording
  • Sound design
  • Content
  • Monetization & more
Video Montage



  • Video editing
  • Colour correction
  • Animations
  • Promotional content & more

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