Who is Mouton?

Mouton Marketing is a dynamic and proudly Canadian Marketing Agency founded in 2017. What makes Mouton special is our diverse team of marketing, translation and media experts located across Canada in Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec. At Mouton, our goal is to provide small and medium sized businesses from all industries access to the most affordable and reliable marketing services on the market.

Why choose us? We offer our clients unbeatable 24/7 customer support, personalized services, quick project turnarounds, and powerful results.

Founder of Mouton

After years of working in the entertainment, tech and marketing industries, I realized how difficult it can be for SMEs to outsource specialized services. That’s why I founded Mouton Marketing!

Today, under one roof, Mouton offers a wide range of marketing, translation, and media services to help SMEs reach their full potential. We are dedicated to bringing your business value, insights, and powerful results!

We can’t wait to work with you on your next big venture!

Guillaume Huppé

Our Mission

Mouton Helps Small Businesses Achieve Big Dreams

At Mouton Marketing, we dedicate our efforts to help SMEs achieve their goals. Our specialized team of marketing, translation and media professionals combined with our unique online approach makes Mouton the perfect partner for all your projects!

Our Vision

Mouton Grows When You Grow

Mouton Marketing always puts you first. No matter your budget or your timeline, our team of dedicated professionals in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec has a solution to offer. We thrive on your success because when you grow, we grow with you!

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